Junior Thespian Festival 2014

The Junior Thespian Festival is a three-day celebration of theatre for middle school students (grades six through eight) and their teachers. This event provides Junior Thespians with opportunities to develop their theatre skills, make new friends, and share the theatre experience with their peers and teachers from around the country.

For more information on Junior Thespian Festival 2014, contact Craig Branch at cbranch@schooltheatre.org.
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A few images from Saturday workshops!

Japanese Kabuki theatre with Kent Williams

Directing plays with young performers with Dennis Maganza

Playwriting now with Lindsay Price

Introduction to television commercials with Deborah Stone

A snippet of this morning’s warm up, led by Eli Yamin of The Jazz Drama Program.

Photos by Harper Lee

First image: From left, B.K. Goodman, a member of the Board of Directors of the Texas State Chapter of the Educational Theatre Association; Texas State Chapter Director Amy Jordan, and workshop instructor Dennis Maganza smile for the camera during Junior Thespian Festival registration.

Second image: From left, newly elected EdTA board member Anita Grant; veteran board member Gai Jones; Junior Thespian Festival Coordinator Craig Branch, and Coppell Middle School West Junior Troupe Director Franci Hazelton share a laugh just before the EdTA member meeting.

Photos by Harper Lee

Images from Friday’s workshop.

Introduction to theatrical combat with Eric Wilder 

Student leadership with the International Thespian Officers

Marionettes and puppet art with Kent Williams

Photos by Harper Lee

Images from Junior Thespian Festival registration and workshop sign up.

Photos by Kevin George

The 2014 Junior Thespian Festival has begun! This year’s theme is Creative Conditions!

We will be blogging live from the event all weekend. Check back here to follow the excitement!

More than four hundred delegates from twenty-one schools in eight states are attending this year’s Junior Thespian Festival, hosted by Coppell Middle School West in Texas.

This weekend Junior Thespians and their educators will:

It’s going to be an amazing weekend. Stay tuned for more!!